Move Through It! Team Bonding through movement

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Once your team has experienced our team bonding workshop, Move Through It!, they will be able to move through any challenge together. During Move Through It! your team will learn to lower their stress level so that they can unlock their intuitive brain power and increase their potential.

Activities include centering and stretching exercises, a group dance experience, and a ton of fun movement puzzles to solve.  If you can walk, you can take this workshop – all activities can be adapted for differently abled participants.

Amanda (2 of 25)

This team bonding workshop is facilitated by Lead Facilitator, Amanda Stanger-Read.  Amanda is a dancer, a choreographer, teacher, a team leader and a business owner. Her studio, Arts in Motion Dance Studio, has been providing dance lessons to adults and children in the Ann Arbor area since 2001. In her words, “dance breaks down barriers between people and opens up a world of possibilities for growth and self-improvement”.  She is excited to be able to offer this program specifically designed for corporate groups.

If your want your team to be able to tap into their creativity and feel comfortable working together as a team then Move Through It! is the workshop for you.  Your team will leave the workshop with new communication skills, a sense of accomplishment and a newfound connection to inspiration and imagination.

group doing yoga on the beach

All you need is a big enough room (30×25 for a group of 15 or 60×40 for 30 or more) and 2 hours.  Small groups of 8-15 can be accommodated at the Arts in Motion Dance Studio (6175 Jackson Rd., Ste. B, Ann Arbor MI 48103). Fees are based on a $200/person minimum.

Call 734-548-8008 to book your workshop today.

At Team6solutions we are dedicated to helping you and your team work to your fullest potential by teaching you to think outside the box and maybe even getting you to throw away the box altogether!


Einstein On imagination

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

[Smithsonian, February 1979]